Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have a brilliant idea for an app?

Are you craving for that one perfect app nobody has thought of but you?
What is it? Share your vision.
Who knows, we might produce it and pay you for your great idea!

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  1. My brother and his friends came up with something they call "sleeveface"... check it out at One person gets a camera ready, another person is the subject of the photo, and the subject or a helper holds a record/LP cover or the sleeveface inside in front of their face. Match up the image on the sleeveface with the rest of the live photo and subject, and you get a "sleeveface".

    Your apps are the perfect platform to create a Sleeveface Camera. Instead of your animals library, just let the user browse the album cover art in the iTunes on their device, and use that album art as the foreground "stamp". Let them pinch and move the album in the camera field, and show the album in the camera preview while taking the picture.


    If you want to contact me, javad00d @ me . com