Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPad2 Contest continues until April 18th!!!

Due to allegations of competitors cheating to get their high-scores, Milk Drinking Cow has been faced with a situation that we either need to cancel this contest, or give you guys the chance to prove your skills!

Here's what we decided:

Have someone video you playing Angry Rhino Rampage FREE which shows your gameplay and high score and either post your video to You Tube and send us the link, or email your video to us at The video must be of the entire gameplay. The high-score in the video needs to be legible and clear to see! And only the scores of the videos submitted will be counted in this final round.

The contest is extended to Monday April 18th at 1:00 PST. This will give you a chance to win this game for real for those of you who genuinely scored high!

Get cracking on the videos!!!

(Anything you send MilkDrinkingCow becomes our property)


The Milk Drinking Cow team

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