Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPhone App Review: Angry Rhino Rampage

April 7th, 2011 by dancemonkey

If you’ve ever had fantasies about being a rampaging rhino running along a random cliffside, crashing through strangely-placed fruit carts and trampling jeeps and (somehow) helicopters, then Angry Rhino Rampage may be game that you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

In all seriousness, Angry Rhino Rampage from developer Milk Drinking Cow is a great continuous-running type game in the style of Robot Unicorn Attack, but with some additions and changes that make it a unique game all its own. Jump and dash while racking up points and smashing through obstacles and adversaries that are trying to stop your angry rampage, just don’t try and smash through the boulder.

How It Works

The game uses two on-screen buttons, one for jumping and one for a quick dash that will smash through most obstacles. Unlike that game with the robot horse thingy, you don’t start over every time you lose a life. Instead of lives you have hearts that deplete with damage, and you can collect more hearts along the way.

You don’t have a double-jump, but you can bounce off of obstacles in the game and get a height boost that way. The only indestructible obstacle in the game seems to be the boulder, which can be jumped or bounced on but not smashed. Otherwise, smash away!

Pros And Cons

The game has a great graphical style, fun music, and good sound effects. The controls are responsive and smooth, which is obviously of critical importance in a game of timing like this. The variety of enemies and obstacles is a fun change from the android zebra game, as is the ability to extend your game by collecting more hearts to replenish your health. The only strike against this game is how simplistic it is, but if you know the genre then you know that what I’ve described is actually fairly complex for this style of game. The game also features facts about rhinos at the end of every game played, so hey, sticking up for endangered animals is cool.


If you like button-mashing games, one-button games that actually feature two buttons, or runner-type games in which you endless dash to the right while avoiding randomly-placed obstacles, then I think you’ll find Angry Rhino Rampage to be a stellar contribution to this genre

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