Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo contest with prize of a Flatscreen TV!!

Enter our Picture Perfect Animals Photo Contest to win a Flatscreen TV!! Visit our Facebook page or CLICK HERE for all of the details.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What is Picture Perfect Animals saying?

Picture Perfect Animals contains minimal language in it's interface because we have users from around the world and we want everyone to have a chance to use an intuitive design that in a pictographic way can communicate without having to use words.

What do you think about the interface?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Submit 10 fortunes to us for a chance to win a prize!!!!

We have extended the Badass Fortune Cookie Contest until June 6. We have received some awesome fortunes from our fans for the update of our new app! To give a few more people a chance to submit their own 10 witty fortunes, we have extended the contest by 1 week! Send us your fortunes to milkdrinkingcow@gmail.com for a chance to win an iTunes card. Download our free app to get a taste of the type of humor we love

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Win a $50 iTunes card!!!

We need more fortunes for our newest app - Badass Fortune Cookie!!!

Submit 10 of your own original, witty fortunes to milkdrinkingcow@gmail.com and this will enter you into a drawing to win a $50, $25 or $10 iTunes gift card. We will be allowing 2 weeks for submissions, so on May 31st we will announce the winners.

In order for the fortunes to fit in our app, the text cannot exceed 60 characters.

Download our free app Badass Fortune Cookie to get a taste of the type of humor we are using.


Any fortunes submitted will be Milk Drinking Cow's property and we will have the right to use any fortune for our next update.

Start sending us your badass fortunes for a chance to win an iTunes card!

"Quirky App Of The Day: Badass Fortune Cookie" by Kathryn

I try to remove the mysticism of my app selection. I would love to come back to developers with a staggering story of my discovery of their hard work. I would convey a story of a sacred cellar in my basement that only two other people hold the key to. Each day, we would pass around a crystal ball and reveal to the other two our consensus of what app we need to review next. In our lair of brother and sisterhood, our mutual respect for the developers would be convened in a post-review reception of cookies and punch. Lately, I’m lucky if I manage to grab a glass of Kool-aid between sentences and incoherent shouts along the lines of , “Mommy’s working” and “Quit poking your brother with that.”

Truth be told, it’s a lot of dumb luck. I just find them. I like them, and I write about them. I’m sure there are developers out there with fantastic or utterly abysmal apps that deserve love, attention, or a poking finger depending on how bad it might be. I just don’t find them. Every so often though, the app finds me. Today, my Badass Fortune Cookie doled out the humorous tough love that everyone sometimes needs. There was nothing special to it. All it is, is an app that you shake. A fortune cookie rattles around and cracks open, bequeathing it’s superb ancient knowledge to you with twangy music and greasy table cloth backgrounds.

It was one of those days where from the get-go you’re doing stuff you hate. Stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. Then, you keep doing more and more of it until you’re up to your eyeballs in misery, and it’s only noon. It’s 11:00 at night, and I’m sitting here, telling people about an app that insults them. It’s been one of those days. Yet, I opened up this promising titled app, gave the fortune cookie a shake, and it told me, “Well, aren’t you a waste of two billion years of evolution.”

I actually held it still for a moment to try and process what it just said to me. After waiting all day in clinics and three (count them, three) bureaucratic government offices only to get nothing done and drive home through a lightning storm that had me making deals with God, I was suddenly a waste of evolution. Then, I laughed. I laughed so hard it started to hurt. Listening to the horrible Chinese music in the background and seeing that silly, stupid fortune on the screen made my day just a little bit better. I went through the entire cycle of sayings, just for the little laughs, and not because I needed to write a review.

Sometimes, it’s good to have a free little app remind you that you aren’t the center of the universe, you’re problems aren’t that bad, and sheep do, in fact, shrink in the rain. It’s good to open a little something that found you and have an animated fortune cookie to shake around, only to have it crack open and tell you something a long the lines of your mother being overweight.

So, take the time to download a little bit of happiness from a Badass Fortune Cookie. It’s that kind of “quirky.” It brings a slanted smile to your face, and slow head shake at some of the stupid, one-liners. It’s a free app, so just go have some fun with it. You’ve earned it. Because according to my fortune, you should laugh at your problems; everyone else does.


Amazing writing - Thanks Kathryn!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A review done by the pros, and they loved Zap Phonics!!

Zap Phonics 300x200 Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

With every passing week, I’m more and more impressed with the amount of quality educational apps available for the iPhone. And Zap Phonics, by developerMilk Drinking Cow, is no exception. The game offers a solid, if brief, step in your child’s language development, and the comfortably kitschy package the lesson is wrapped will delight any toddler.

How Does it Work? star Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

As Zap Phonics explains in its forward, the traditional method of teaching children the names of letters before the sounds they make can create problems with first language acquisition. To avoid any such issues, the reading game Zap Phonics offers features the phonological sounds of the letters, and actively encourages your child to make the sounds themselves. The idea is that this reinforces language learning in the toddler, and improves their ability to interpret the symbols as sounds. That’s the science at work here, but how exactly does the app go about teaching?

At the core of the app is a simple drag-and-drop mechanic that any young child will have no problem using. Zap Phonics’ pleasant main characters, Zap and Gus, produce a pile of letters which which can be touched and moved. Once pressed, Zap will pronounce the sound each letter makes. After a bout of quick introductions, Zap shows you a pile of letters that must be guided into Gus’ bucket. And of course, the letter is said aloud each time it is dragged home. It’s a very intuitive mechanic, and it’s simple enough to be entertaining, but not so complex as to distract from the lesson at hand.

Zap Phonics2 300x200 Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

Zap Phonics Reading Games

How’s the Design? star Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacyemptystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

To answer the question above, the design is a bit brief. There’s only one game at work here, and though it’s a good one, the brevity of this app means you’ll only spend ten minutes or so playing with your toddler. That’s certainly long enough, but I’d still like to see more features. For example, a comprehensive list of all 26 letters would be appreciated, especially if each could be poked to produce a sound. Even just another game would add a lot to this app. But at a dollar, the learning value Zap Phonics offers is hard to argue with.

Is it Worth My Time and Money? star Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacyemptystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

Zap Phonics is a well-designed, decently acted, and lesson-rich app that will entertain your youngster while teaching him or her the sounds of letters. However, its brevity is an issue to address and considering there are so many other quality apps available for young children, it must be weighed carefully—but it received a recommendation nonetheless. Your child will love the characters, graphics, and sounds, and you’ll love the knowledge they gain from playing. And of course, Zap Phonics’ stellar pricing ($ .99) makes it a hefty bargain.

Zap Phonics Reading Games iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3. or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

The iPhone app reviews rating: star Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacyemptystar Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPad2 Contest continues until April 18th!!!

Due to allegations of competitors cheating to get their high-scores, Milk Drinking Cow has been faced with a situation that we either need to cancel this contest, or give you guys the chance to prove your skills!

Here's what we decided:

Have someone video you playing Angry Rhino Rampage FREE which shows your gameplay and high score and either post your video to You Tube and send us the link, or email your video to us at milkdrinkingcow@gmail.com. The video must be of the entire gameplay. The high-score in the video needs to be legible and clear to see! And only the scores of the videos submitted will be counted in this final round.

The contest is extended to Monday April 18th at 1:00 PST. This will give you a chance to win this game for real for those of you who genuinely scored high!

Get cracking on the videos!!!

(Anything you send MilkDrinkingCow becomes our property)


The Milk Drinking Cow team

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPhone App Review: Angry Rhino Rampage

April 7th, 2011 by dancemonkey

If you’ve ever had fantasies about being a rampaging rhino running along a random cliffside, crashing through strangely-placed fruit carts and trampling jeeps and (somehow) helicopters, then Angry Rhino Rampage may be game that you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

In all seriousness, Angry Rhino Rampage from developer Milk Drinking Cow is a great continuous-running type game in the style of Robot Unicorn Attack, but with some additions and changes that make it a unique game all its own. Jump and dash while racking up points and smashing through obstacles and adversaries that are trying to stop your angry rampage, just don’t try and smash through the boulder.

How It Works

The game uses two on-screen buttons, one for jumping and one for a quick dash that will smash through most obstacles. Unlike that game with the robot horse thingy, you don’t start over every time you lose a life. Instead of lives you have hearts that deplete with damage, and you can collect more hearts along the way.

You don’t have a double-jump, but you can bounce off of obstacles in the game and get a height boost that way. The only indestructible obstacle in the game seems to be the boulder, which can be jumped or bounced on but not smashed. Otherwise, smash away!

Pros And Cons

The game has a great graphical style, fun music, and good sound effects. The controls are responsive and smooth, which is obviously of critical importance in a game of timing like this. The variety of enemies and obstacles is a fun change from the android zebra game, as is the ability to extend your game by collecting more hearts to replenish your health. The only strike against this game is how simplistic it is, but if you know the genre then you know that what I’ve described is actually fairly complex for this style of game. The game also features facts about rhinos at the end of every game played, so hey, sticking up for endangered animals is cool.


If you like button-mashing games, one-button games that actually feature two buttons, or runner-type games in which you endless dash to the right while avoiding randomly-placed obstacles, then I think you’ll find Angry Rhino Rampage to be a stellar contribution to this genre

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milk Drinking Cow is giving away a free iPad 2 if you get the highest score playing our free game!

Contest Rules:

This contest is sponsored by Milk Drinking Cow (MDC) and consists of a skill based competition based on the number of points collected while playing Angry Rhino Rampage. There is no purchase necessary. The contest begins on April 1, 2011 and ends at 1:00 PM PT on April 11,2011. PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTEST IS SUBJECT AT ALL TIMES TO COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES. Employees of MDC, as well as members of their immediate families (spouses, children, siblings, parents) or households (whether or not related), are not eligible to participate in the contest. Previous winners of MDC's contests also may not participate. MILK DRINKING COW RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AUTHENTICATE YOUR SCORE AND CHEATERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Did you read the rules?

Good, now download Angry Rhino Rampage FREE.

Now would be the time to create a Game Center account if you don't already have one. Click here if you don't know how.

Email us to enter the contest at

milkdrinkingcow@gmail.com. Include your Game Center Nickname/Username and your age. This will enter you into the contest. If you are under 18 please have your parents send us an email giving their permission to have you enter the contest.

Milk Drinking Cow will now add you to our Friends List on Game Center and we will monitor your progress throughout the competition!

In order to compete in the contest you have to be on our Game Center friends list. When you receive a request from "milkdrinkingcow" after sending us your email, accept us! :)

Ok, now this is when you play the crap out of the game and try to get the highest points!! The FREE version is the only one that counts!

Whoever gets the highest score by April 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM PST will win this sweet iPad 2. Allow 4-5 weeks for shipping directly from Apple.

Offers made in this contest are not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple Inc in any way. Apple Inc or any of their subsidiaries have nothing to do with this iPad 2 prize.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Angry Rhino Rampage Updated!

Angry Rhino Rampage
has been updated and now it has super-awesome hi-retina graphics!

Download it now!

Artists unite for Japan.

iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store

As Japan recovers from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11, the world’s top recording artists respond to the tragedy with this benefit album. The 38 tracks include some of their biggest hits, featuring an exclusive remix of Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way,” Katy Perry’s “Thinking of You,” Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon,” Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love," and more. All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Friday, March 18, 2011

2,762 fans strong!

Have you checked out our Facebook page recently?

We have monthly contests and great fans that always have great things to say. Like our page to make sure you don't miss out on all the action!

Friday, March 11, 2011

MDC invites the experts over

Yesterday was a very exciting day at MDC. We invited a group of awesome people from Stellar Learning Academy over to our office. We had the pleasure of giving them a tour and explain what we do here at the cow's abode.

They were very excited to use our equipment and ask us lots of really interesting and smart questions about how we make our apps, sell them and my personal favorite "how do you feel about jailbroken phones?".

It was great listening to what they had to say about what we do and seeing how excited they were about it. It's easy to forget how cool our job is and this awesome group of kids helped us put in perspective why we do what we do.

So much of their lives revolves around virtual games. Some of them play games on their iDevices more than any other platform and have even evolved slang from what they've picked up in these artificial worlds.

As developers we have a tremendous responsibility to really see what effect we are causing out there and work towards creating a good one. I'm not talking about creating games where you kiss, hug and plant flowers in order to create a positive effect. I'm talking about looking at their faces and really communicating with them to see how these games are affecting the other games they play in life.

I encourage fellow developers to communicate with their public and listen to what it has to say. Don't base your agreements or decisions on what some "expert" with a PhD has to say about games. It's easy to come up with theories about why man is the way he is without any real life observation and much harder to pay attention and understand what somebody is saying and really care for what they have to say. I encourage you to take the high road and pay attention for yourself. It's much more rewarding and a lot more accurate.

Thanks guys, you were awesome. We learned a lot from you.

Signing out.
-La Presidenta!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Reviewers are raving about Angry Rhino Rampage!

"Animal advocates can lecture on and on about the endangered species all across the world, and still our self-centered minds will disregard their warnings as idle chatter. But integrate your cause into a fun-filled, fast-paced game, and people may start to pay attention. With Angry Rhino Rampage by Milk Drinking Cow, users encounter a disgruntled rhino out to destroy any and all threats to its habit by charging through the African Savannah in a heated rage. Fruit carts block his path, while poachers fly through the air, leaving you to help our endangered friend defend what is his."

If you are as addicted to endurance running games as I am, then you’ll definitely want to consider Milk Drinking Cow’s cute looking Angry Rhino Rampage.

Thanks guys!

Angry Rhino Gameplay !

Oh Yeah, Angry Rhino Rampage is a hit! Check out why.

Buy it here!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What people have to say about Angry Rhino Rampage!

We went out to see how people felt about the app while it goes through Apple's Approval Process to see if we could predict how Apple would like it. The success on the street was amazing - people were raving about it and not wanting to give us our phones back!

Hopefully it'll get through the Apple Approval Process soon and into the hands of millions!!!

One thing you could do while you anxiously await the debut of Angry Rhino Rampage is find out what you could do to help save the Rhinos. They are endangered and there are many groups out there that are doing a great job at saving these awesome creatures. Look for what group you like best and see how you can be a part of it.

-La Presidenta!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The cows have moved to a new office!

That's right, the cows have moved. We are no longer crowding our boss's dining room table and dirtying his dishes - I'm sure his wife is very happy we have reached maturity and moved out.

Our new location in Campbell, CA is in the middle of it all!

This means great things for us and we're happy to say that we're only going up from here. The vibes are rad, the staff is revved and the app store awaits!

Thank you for your support. We have very exciting new apps coming out this year and can't wait to sell lots of them and hear your feedback!

PS - Do not contain your urge to send us an office warming present. We like shiny things.

-La Presidenta!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Iphone 4, available on Verizon February 10.

Beginning February 10, the phone that changed everything will be available on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the United States. Qualified Verizon Wireless customers will also have the exclusive opportunity to pre-order iPhone 4 online on February 3, ahead of general availability.

Whichever network you choose, you’ll get FaceTime video calling, the high-resolution Retina display, a 5-megapixel camera, HD video recording, long battery life, and all the other great features of iPhone 4.

Friday, January 28, 2011

iPod contest update!

Beau Vuillemot is in the lead in Milk Drinking Cow's contest with 16 "likes" on his awesome photo using our app Picture Perfect Animals!

Who is going to challenge him???

The contest ends on February 3rd at 1:00 PM PST. Keep going Beau!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Win an iPod Touch!

The last iPod Touch contest we did was such a hit that we are doing another contest!!The contest will run for one week starting Wednesday, January 26 at 9:00AM PST and ending on Thursday, February 3 at 1:00 PM PST.

Contest Details

Please do the following for a chance to win a brand new iPod Touch 4th Generation:

1. Download either of our 2 free apps on your iPhone or iPod - Picture Perfect Animals or Spooky Camera.

2. Take an original photo using the one of the apps.

3. Upload the picture to Milk Drinking Cow's Facebook page.

(If you haven't already, go to http://www.facebook.com/milkdrinkingcow and click "like" - you need to do this in order to upload your picture).

4. Get everyone you know to "like" the photo; you can be as creative as you want!

On February 3 at 1:00PM PST the photo with the most "likes" will be be the winner of the iPod Touch!!

Contest Rules

• Family members of employees at Milk Drinking Cow will not be able to participate in the contest.

• If your picture is found to have "likes" from a fake Facebook accounts, those “likes” will not be counted in the final number.

• Our Facebook wall is monitored and any post, comment, or photo which contains offensive material, or material designed to criticize any person or organization will be removed, and we reserve the right to disqualify the individual(s) responsible.

• Anything posted on Milk Drinking Cow's wall can be used by Milk Drinking Cow for marketing purposes. This means that we could use it on our newsletters, website, Fan page etc.

• Just as a tip, you do not have to own an iPhone or iPod to play in this contest. You can use a friend's phone or iPod to take the photo with one of our apps. Then after it's posted on our wall, you do not need the iPhone or iPod any longer to continue playing. The person who won the last contest did not own an iPhone or iPod!

(These are the only rules that will apply no other contest rules apply. Please respect these rules and direct your energy to constructive activities.)