Monday, February 21, 2011

What people have to say about Angry Rhino Rampage!

We went out to see how people felt about the app while it goes through Apple's Approval Process to see if we could predict how Apple would like it. The success on the street was amazing - people were raving about it and not wanting to give us our phones back!

Hopefully it'll get through the Apple Approval Process soon and into the hands of millions!!!

One thing you could do while you anxiously await the debut of Angry Rhino Rampage is find out what you could do to help save the Rhinos. They are endangered and there are many groups out there that are doing a great job at saving these awesome creatures. Look for what group you like best and see how you can be a part of it.

-La Presidenta!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The cows have moved to a new office!

That's right, the cows have moved. We are no longer crowding our boss's dining room table and dirtying his dishes - I'm sure his wife is very happy we have reached maturity and moved out.

Our new location in Campbell, CA is in the middle of it all!

This means great things for us and we're happy to say that we're only going up from here. The vibes are rad, the staff is revved and the app store awaits!

Thank you for your support. We have very exciting new apps coming out this year and can't wait to sell lots of them and hear your feedback!

PS - Do not contain your urge to send us an office warming present. We like shiny things.

-La Presidenta!